Syed Qamar Shah

Salaam Alykum. I am Syed Qamar Shah, the Master of ilm-e-Jafar, ilm-e-Najoom and Zaicha. Ilm-e-Jafar is NOT fiction but an accurate Islamic science of Astrological predictions of the future in order to benefit mankind. It performs Jafar calculations and give out the accurate results in Urdu or Arabic alphabets and numbers. Muslim scholars and researchers have studied them for centuries but couldn't fully understand the true power and the benefits of these ancient methods of calculations for predicting the future.

The Qaem in the Quran (Shiabooks)I have learned ilm-e-Jafar, ilm-e-Najoom and preparing Zaicha from my Forefathers who were also the experts in their times and have been serving Muslim brothers and sisters for many centuries. Fortunately I was the chosen one who acquired the knowledge and wisdom from my ancestors. I therefore realize that it is my duty to help and serve who ever is in need that can benefit from my knowledge and the power of ilm-e-Jafar, ilm-e-Najoom and Zaicha which I also teach to many faithful students (Mureeds), so if you are eager to learn ilm-e-Jafar, ilm-e-Najoom and calculating Zaichas then I welcome you to become my student. I have worked with thousands of clients for over 30 years with a great success rate.

If you are having any kind of problems in your life and would like to know where your life is heading in love, marriage, job, education, business success, lost loved one, sickness and disease, or you want to become my student, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I also do life readings, spiritual healing, palm readings, horoscopes and bad spirits removal with 99% success rate. I take pride in what I do and my work is Guaranteed, Accurate and Authentic, InshaAllah you will not be disappointed. My current residence is in Karachi, Pakistan where I provide my spiritual services to my brothers and sisters who are suffering and are in need of spiritual guidance. I also provide my services via E-mails and phone calls if you are not able to travel or live in other cities and countries.

Please Contact Me Via e-mail or Telephone:

E-mail: faizan_jaffri21@yahoo.com

Phone No. 4010427 (Karachi, Pakistan)

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